Tamar (Rhea)
(1795 B.C.-)


Family Links

1. Judah (Cronus/Kronos/Saturn)

2. Er
3. Onan

Tamar (Rhea)

  • Born: 1795 B.C.
  • Marriage (1): Judah (Cronus/Kronos/Saturn)
  • Marriage (2): Er
  • Marriage (3): Onan

bullet  Noted events in her life were:

Bible. Gen 38:6 Judah got a wife for Er, his firstborn. Her name was Tamar.
Gen 38:7 But Judah's firstborn, Er, grievously offended GOD and GOD took his life.
Gen 38:8 So Judah told Onan, "Go and sleep with your brother's widow; it's the duty of a brother-in-law to keep your brother's line alive."
Gen 38:9 But Onan knew that the child wouldn't be his, so whenever he slept with his brother's widow he spilled his semen on the ground so he wouldn't produce a child for his brother.
Gen 38:10 GOD was much offended by what he did and also took his life.
Gen 38:11 So Judah stepped in and told his daughter-in-law Tamar, "Live as a widow at home with your father until my son Shelah grows up." He was worried that Shelah would also end up dead, just like his brothers. So Tamar went to live with her father.
Gen 38:12 Time passed. Judah's wife, Shua's daughter, died. When the time of mourning was over, Judah with his friend Hirah of Adullam went to Timnah for the sheep shearing.
Gen 38:13 Tamar was told, "Your father-in-law has gone to Timnah to shear his sheep."
Gen 38:14 She took off her widow's clothes, put on a veil to disguise herself, and sat at the entrance to Enaim which is on the road to Timnah. She realized by now that even though Shelah was grown up, she wasn't going to be married to him.
Gen 38:15 Judah saw her and assumed she was a prostitute since she had veiled her face.
Gen 38:16 He left the road and went over to her. He said, "Let me sleep with you." He had no idea that she was his daughter-in-law. She said, "What will you pay me?"
Gen 38:17 "I'll send you," he said, "a kid goat from the flock." She said, "Not unless you give me a pledge until you send it."
Gen 38:18 "So what would you want in the way of a pledge?" She said, "Your personal seal-and-cord and the staff you carry." He handed them over to her and slept with her. And she got pregnant.
Gen 38:19 She then left and went home. She removed her veil and put her widow's clothes back on.
Gen 38:20 Judah sent the kid goat by his friend from Adullam to recover the pledge from the woman. But he couldn't find her.
Gen 38:21 He asked the men of that place, "Where's the prostitute that used to sit by the road here near Enaim?" They said, "There's never been a prostitute here."
Gen 38:22 He went back to Judah and said, "I couldn't find her. The men there said there never has been a prostitute there."
Gen 38:23 Judah said, "Let her have it then. If we keep looking, everyone will be poking fun at us. I kept my part of the bargain--I sent the kid goat but you couldn't find her."
Gen 38:24 Three months or so later, Judah was told, "Your daughter-in-law has been playing the whore--and now she's a pregnant whore." Judah yelled, "Get her out here. Burn her up!"
Gen 38:25 As they brought her out, she sent a message to her father-in-law, "I'm pregnant by the man who owns these things. Identify them, please. Who's the owner of the seal-and-cord and the staff?"
Gen 38:26 Judah saw they were his. He said, "She's in the right; I'm in the wrong--I wouldn't let her marry my son Shelah." He never slept with her again.
Gen 38:27 When her time came to give birth, it turned out that there were twins in her womb.
Gen 38:28 As she was giving birth, one put his hand out; the midwife tied a red thread on his hand, saying, "This one came first."
Gen 38:29 But then he pulled it back and his brother came out. She said, "Oh! A breakout!" So she named him Perez (Breakout).
Gen 38:30 Then his brother came out with the red thread on his hand. They named him Zerah (Bright).

Hooker. Tamar prostuted herself with her father-in-law Judah keeping her face hidden so as to become pregnant and bear the child she was promised by first his sons and then by him.
Note that she had already been married to and slept with one son. She had slept with the second son to fill in for his dead brother. and she had been promised to the 3rd brother which never happened. So tricking the father-in-law into sleeping with her was an act of desparation.


Tamar married Judah (Cronus/Kronos/Saturn), son of Jacob (Israel) (Uranus) and Leah (Gaia). (Judah (Cronus/Kronos/Saturn) was born in 1805 B.C. and died in 1676 B.C..)


Tamar next married Er, son of Judah (Cronus/Kronos/Saturn) and Shua.


Tamar next married Onan, son of Judah (Cronus/Kronos/Saturn) and Shua.

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

History. Er his brother died having no child. So he took Tamar as wife but deliberately "spilled his seed".
For this he was put to death.

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